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These are all assignments I gave myself to write jokes. Unless otherwise noted, the assignment was to write twenty jokes on the given topic. My main goal was to set a daily quota of writing, and start a good habit. It's more about quantity than quality, so no need to tell me that the jokes suck. Also, don't steal them: you have license to laugh or groan at them one (1) time, and then optionally tell your friends. No copy-and-pasting.

1. Public Transit

2. Bosses

3. Vacations

4. Fast Food

5. Sleep

6. Local Politics

7. The Post Office

8. Bridge Jokes (1)

9. Whales

10. Ancient Egypt

11. Laundry

12. Headlines (1)

13. Horse Racing

14. Shoes

15. Birds

16. Sitcoms

17. Gardening

18. Headlines (2)

19. Electricity


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